Making Spreadsheets Great Again

Helping you wrangle your data + automate your work, without (hardly ever) leaving Google Sheets. 

Acolytes of CIFL Say...

CIFL has helped me and my staff at InFlow save countless hours of trial and error learning sheets and automation. This, in turn, lets us do things the "lazy" way which saves even more time!
Mike Belasco, InFlow
It's helped me a ton, but it's been an even bigger resource for my team at Seer. I'm able to help them level up in a quick and often fun way with help from CIFL.
James Corr, Seer Interactive

The Lazy Toolbelt

Chefs carry knives, sculptors carry chisels. Lazy analysts and marketers carry knowledge of the Lazy Toolbelt:  Google Sheets, and Add-ons like Blockspring and Supermetrics. In...

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The Google Sheets Query Function

The Query function is the shortcut to mastering Google Sheets. Instead of mixing up a bunch of spreadsheet formulas to get something done, you can...

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Data Studio the Lazy Way

Google released their beautiful dashboard-building powerhouse, Data Studio, in Fall 2016.  We've been actively building dashboards with it ever since. Ascending new heights. Stretching the...

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Data Analysis the Lazy Way

‘Data analysis’ probably isn’t in your job description - it’s something you do only out of necessity.  You get asked a question about your work,...

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Build your Agency Data Pipeline

Wrestle your agency's data analysis workflow completely to the ground, by building a BigQuery data pipeline to house + analyze all of your critical data. ...

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