The Google Sheets Query Function

A weapon of mass laziness
Getting Started with Sheets Queries
Browse the Sample Dataset
2 mins
Writing your first Sheets Query
Date Comparisons in Queries: Why so Complex?
Query multiple Google Sheets: IMPORTRANGE + {} = FRIENDS
Writing Basic Queries
Intro: Doing Math in Queries
1 min
Question 1: Pulling the Top Questions
3 mins
Question 2: Who are the Top Tweeters?
5 mins
Question 3: What's the Most Active Day of the Week?
6 mins
Quiz 1: Basic Querying
Writing Advanced Queries
Intro: Diving Deeper
1 min
Question 4: What's the Top Hour of the Day?
5 mins
Question 5: What are the Most-Used Hashtags?
8 mins
Question 6: Whata Domains are Most-Tweeted?
6 mins
Quiz 2: Advanced Querying
Bonus Section: Learn SQL too
Transitioning from Query Functions to SQL
Learn SQL in a Spreadsheet