Data Analysis the Lazy Way by Coding is for Losers

Data Analysis the Lazy Way

Using Google Sheets and apps like Zapier to save hours at work

From the Other Side...

I am still applying the concepts I learned from the course every day. One of my favourite courses over the past year.
Will McGuire, MeasureSchool


‘Data analysis’ probably isn’t in your job description - it’s something you do only out of necessity. 

You get asked a question about your work, and you’re expected to present the answer. You build reports, export data from tools like Google Analytics, and make charts - not the most fun part of your job. But what if it was? 

This course presents a new approach to data analysis - the lazy way. Google Sheets has become a weapon of mass laziness - when combined with tools like Blockspring and Zapier, it allows you to drastically cut your time spent wrangling and analyzing data. 

In this course, you’ll learn the three-part process we use at Coding is for Losers to analyze data: 
  1. Pulling data into Sheets using apps like Blockspring or Zapier 
  2. The 10 key Google Sheets formulas we use to wrangle data 
  3. Build beautiful charts and dashboards in Google Data Studio 
If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet, you’re closer than you think to becoming a data analysis master. *Warning: This course is _not_ for spreadsheet beginners. 

What's included?

Video Icon 27 videos File Icon 1 file Text Icon 7 text files


The Course Project
Why Google Sheets?
2 mins
The Cupcake Data Analysis
3 mins
Asking Good Questions: the Course Project
3 mins
The Lazy Toolbelt
Intro to the Lazy Toolbelt
1 min
Why the Lazy Toolbelt?
2 mins
WTF is Blockspring?
2 mins
WTF is Supermetrics?
2 mins
WTF is Zapier?
2 mins
10 Sheets Formulas to Know
Intro to Data Wrangling
1 min
The 3 Types of Formulas
3 mins
Learn the 10 Formulas
Answering Basic Questions
Intro: Baking your First Cupcake
1 min
Copy the Example Sheet
Question 1: Top Questions
3 mins
Question 2: Top Tweeters
5 mins
Question 3: Top Day of the Week
6 mins
Quiz 1: Basic Querying
Answering Advanced Questions
Intro: Diving Deeper
1 min
Question 4: Top Hour of the Day
5 mins
Question 5: Top Hashtags
8 mins
Question 6: Top Domains
6 mins
Quiz 2: Advanced Querying
Visualizing your Answers in Data Studio
Intro to Data Visualization
1 min
Getting Started with Data Studio
3 mins
Connecting your Sheet to Data Studio
3 mins
Building a Simple Table
3 mins
Calculating Metrics in Data Studio
4 mins
Building Time Series Charts
4 mins
Styling Charts and Reports
1 min
Quiz 3: Building your own Dashboard
The Lazy Way in Action
Cupcake Data Analysis and You
2 mins
Start your own Cupcake Data Analysis
Access the CIFL Template Vault
Case Study: The Growth Engine with Kev Kaye
13 mins
Case Study: SEO Audit with Ryan Stewart

Mastering Google Sheets, Data Studio and BigQuery

Helping you wrangle your data + automate your work, without (hardly ever) leaving the Google stack.


Who is this course for?

If you use spreadsheets to work with data, but want to take your skills to the next level. If you're doing marketing, sales, analytics, finance or ops, that probably means you. As a matter of motivation, you'll get the most out of this course if you have a specific dataset you'd like to dive into. Whether that's Google Analytics data for a website, YouTube data, Salesforce data, it doesn't matter, but it'll help you visualize how you'll make use of these skills in your day-to-day.

What tools are needed for this course?

You'll need a Google Apps account (to make copies of spreadsheets), which comes for free with every GMail account. You'll also learn how to use Blockspring, Supermetrics and Zapier to pull data into spreadsheets, but accounts are not required for the course.

Is there a quiz?

There are four quizzes, each contained in a spreadsheet: 1) Learn 10 key Google Sheets formulas 2) Applying them to Twitter data 3) Advanced Twitter data analysis 4) Making charts in Google Data Studio

What if I need help as I work through the course?

I keep Fridays open for office hours with students - you can book 30 minutes anytime.

What if I buy the course and find out it's not for me?

I'll refund your purchase within 30 days, no questions asked.