Data Studio the Lazy Way by Coding is for Losers

Data Studio the Lazy Way

Mastering Google's free dashboard tool

From the Other Side...

I bought 'Data Studio the Lazy Way' after tying myself in knots trying to get reliable, bug-free data into Data Studio.

Now I have clean, clear, accurate reporting for my clients, my business, and even community groups that I want to communicate growth to. It's made dashboards so easy that I use them for everything!
Tom Davenport


Google released their beautiful dashboard-building powerhouse, Data Studio, in Fall 2016.  We've been actively building dashboards with it ever since.

Ascending new heights. Stretching the limits of what's possible with Data Studio.  You get the picture.  

We've turned this tool inside out, and now are here to share everything we've learned.

During the course, you'll master how to build Data Studio reports.  

All of these dashboards are based on raw data from Google Sheets, but the same methods could be used for any data source (Google Analytics, Youtube, a database, etc): 
  • Building a Twitter data dashboard (the course project)
  • Connecting Mailchimp to Data Studio (template included)
  • Building an Adwords + FB ads dashboard with Supermetrics (template included)
Your team will thank you, when they bask in the beauty and elegance of your next monthly update.

What's included?

Video Icon 16 videos Text Icon 5 text files


The Basics
The Course Project
1 min
Prepping a Google Sheet for Data Studio
5 mins
Connecting your Data Source
4 mins
WTF are Dimensions and Metrics?
6 mins
Building your First Chart
5 mins
Adding Time Period Comparisons to your Chart
4 mins
Quiz 1: Starting your Dashboard
Getting Fancy
The Dark Art of Date and Filter Controls
6 mins
Coding up a Calculated Column
7 mins
Styling your Bar Charts
5 mins
Styling a Scatterplot Chart
5 mins
Quiz 2: Filters and Calculated Columns
Reaching the Summit
Report vs Page-Level Elements
5 mins
Counting in Calculated Columns
4 mins
Using the CASE function in calculated columns
7 mins
Working with Dates in Calculated Columns
6 mins
Filtering on the Fly
5 mins
Quiz 3: Taking Calculated Columns to the Limit
Putting Data Studio into Action
A Word of Caution
4 mins
Building an Ad Campaign Dashboard with Supermetrics
Visualizing your Mailchimp Data with Apps Script

Mastering Google Sheets, Data Studio and BigQuery

Helping you wrangle your data + automate your work, without (hardly ever) leaving the Google stack.


Who is this course for?

Data Studio is primarily used by digital marketers (since it connects tightly to Google Analytics), but can be used by anyone building dashboards or reports for their team.

How do you pull data from sources like Twitter and Mailchimp for the course?

There are many methods to pull data from APIs into Google Sheets - in this course, we use both Supermetrics (a Google Sheets Add-on) and custom Google Apps Script code.

What should I know before starting?

You should have working knowledge of Google Sheets - if you don't use Sheets at work, or don't have any experience with it, I'd recommend starting with some of the free tutorials at

What assets are included in the course?

Three Data Studio dashboard templates, including the Google Sheets files used as raw data.