Getting Started with BigQuery by Coding is for Losers

Getting Started with BigQuery

Making the jump from spreadsheets to databases, one small SQL query at a time.

What's included?

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Getting Acquainted
1) All the links: datasets, templates and tools
2) Join us on Slack
3) How we can help
Why Work in BigQuery?
How I learned SQL
3 mins
Why do we recommend BigQuery?
3 mins
How does BigQuery fit into the rest of the Google stack?
2 mins
How we build marketing data pipelines in BigQuery
4 mins
What all do you really need to learn?
5 mins
What does it cost?
2 mins
BigQuery SQL - Getting Started
Creating a Project + Access the GA Sample Dataset
6 mins
Writing your first SELECT query
6 mins
Filtering data with WHERE
5 mins
Ordering results with ORDER BY
Calculating aggregate totals with GROUP BY
5 mins
Calculating columns (SUM, COUNT, etc) within queries
6 mins
Aggregating by day, week and month
10 mins
Nesting queries
Unnesting RECORD arrays
7 mins
Quiz 1
Bigquery SQL - Diving Deeper
Joining Tables
11 mins
Using WITH for cleaner Joins
7 mins
Window (analytic) functions
8 mins
Deduping query results
6 mins
Quiz 2
Getting Data Into BigQuery
Push from Google Sheets to BigQuery
Push from FB Ads (or any platform) to BigQuery
4 mins
Reviewing Stitch vs Supermetrics for BigQuery
Scheduling BQ queries with DBT
Intro to DBT for SQL modeling
4 mins
Creating your DBT project
8 mins
Connect your BigQuery database to DBT
8 mins
Writing basic SQL queries in DBT
9 mins
The magic of DBT's {{ref}}
6 mins
Debugging SQL models with DBT
7 mins
Pro tip: standardizing URL structure with DBT
3 mins
Pro tip: using DBT macros
6 mins
Building your BigQuery pipeline
Hire CIFL to build your data pipeline
Learn to build your own data pipeline
4 mins
Execute common marketing "Recipes" with
2 mins
Office Hours
How Google Cloud Functions et al fit with BigQuery
BigQuery Partitioning and Clustering, Explained
Working with JSON data in BigQuery
User-defined functions
Partitioning with DBT