The Lazy Toolbelt by Coding is for Losers

The Lazy Toolbelt

Automate your work with Google Sheets, Blockspring and Supermetrics


Chefs carry knives, sculptors carry chisels.

Lazy analysts and marketers carry knowledge of the Lazy Toolbelt: 

Google Sheets, and Add-ons like Blockspring and Supermetrics.

In this course, we follow the creation story of one Sheets template (Search Efficiency by Landing Page), in both Blockspring and Supermetrics.  

You’ll learn to drastically cut the time you spend wrangling data and building reporting.  

Learn to create spreadsheet automation templates your colleagues, friends, lovers, and parents (probably not grandparents though) will find a breeze to use.

Learn to wield the Lazy Toolbelt.

What's included?

Video Icon 21 videos Text Icon 11 text files


Intro to the Lazy Toolbelt
Why the Lazy Toolbelt?
2 mins
WTF is Blockspring?
2 mins
WTF is Supermetrics?
2 mins
What you'll Build
Meet the Templates
2 mins
Spreadsheet Template Design
6 mins
The Blockspring Template
10 mins
The Supermetrics Template
10 mins
Wrangling Data with Blockspring
First: Install Blockspring
Your Turn: Chaining APIs Together
What Data to Pull?
4 mins
Setting up Blocks
8 mins
Your Turn: Diving into Blockspring
Rounding out the Template
8 mins
Building Dropdown Menus in Sheets
13 mins
Wrangling Data in Supermetrics
First: Install Supermetrics
Key Differences in Supermetrics
3 mins
Meet to the Supermetrics Sidebar
4 mins
Building Queries in Supermetrics
10 mins
Your Turn: Firing up Supermetrics
Modifying Supermetrics Queries
4 mins
Your Turn: Getting Nimble with Supermetrics
Wrapping up with Supermetrics
2 mins
Build your own Lazy Toolbelt
Access the Template Vault
Pick an Add-on
4 mins
Build your own Template
Get Help with a Project
Taking Action with your Wrangled Data
Warning: Google Sheets Formulas Incoming
Data Wrangling: the Final Showdown
9 mins
Teasing out your Next Steps
7 mins
Your Turn: Taking Action
Chaining APIs Together with Blockspring
5 mins
Using Blockspring for Team Communication
4 mins

Making Spreadsheets Great Again

Helping you wrangle your data + automate your work, without (hardly ever) leaving Google Sheets.