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Important to Note!!!!
This Template Vault is meant for digital marketers - while anyone can benefit from these templates, most of them are designed for a few key marketing data analysis areas:

  1. Paid Media
  2. SEO
  3. E-commerce
  4. General Agency Mgmt
If that's not your bag, we recommend checking out the more greenfield tutorials on CIFL around BigQuery, Data Studio and the like.

What's included?

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Agency Life
Agency Project Management (Sheets)
E-commerce + Lead gen
Mailchimp Analytics (Data Studio)
Conversion Funnel Analytics (Sheets)
Shopify Price + Product Updater (Sheets)
7 mins
Paid Acquisition
Facebook + Google Ads Dashboard (Data Studio)
12 mins
Forecast Organic Traffic (Data Studio)
Automated SEO Content Audit (Sheets)
Monthly Keyword Tracking (Data Studio)
Meta Tag Rewrite Checker (Sheets)
7 mins
SERP Anomaly Detection (Sheets)
Advanced Automations
Website Quality Audit (BigQuery)
Shopify + Google Analytics Buyer Segmentation (BigQuery)
Analytics Tracking Plan (BigQuery)
SEO API Starter (Sheets)

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