The Lazy Toolbelt

Automate your work with Google Sheets, Blockspring and Supermetrics
Intro to the Lazy Toolbelt
Why the Lazy Toolbelt?
2 mins
WTF is Blockspring?
2 mins
WTF is Supermetrics?
2 mins
What you'll Build
Meet the Templates
2 mins
Spreadsheet Template Design
6 mins
The Blockspring Template
10 mins
The Supermetrics Template
10 mins
Wrangling Data with Blockspring
First: Install Blockspring
Your Turn: Chaining APIs Together
What Data to Pull?
4 mins
Setting up Blocks
8 mins
Your Turn: Diving into Blockspring
Rounding out the Template
8 mins
Building Dropdown Menus in Sheets
13 mins
Wrangling Data in Supermetrics
First: Install Supermetrics
Key Differences in Supermetrics
3 mins
Meet to the Supermetrics Sidebar
4 mins
Building Queries in Supermetrics
10 mins
Your Turn: Firing up Supermetrics
Modifying Supermetrics Queries
4 mins
Your Turn: Getting Nimble with Supermetrics
Wrapping up with Supermetrics
2 mins
Build your own Lazy Toolbelt
Access the Template Vault
Pick an Add-on
4 mins
Build your own Template
Get Help with a Project
Taking Action with your Wrangled Data
Warning: Google Sheets Formulas Incoming
Data Wrangling: the Final Showdown
9 mins
Teasing out your Next Steps
7 mins
Your Turn: Taking Action
Chaining APIs Together with Blockspring
5 mins
Using Blockspring for Team Communication
4 mins