0.2.1 The sprint flow + roles

One small change - splitting work into three roles - has unlocked a new level of ease in our development flow:

  1. Sprint manager: translates a roadmap into tasks in the Tracking Plan, and designs Data Studio data source schemas upfront
  2. SQL (dbt) modeler: designs + builds the dbt project
  3. Reporting (Data Studio) analyst: designs + builds visualizations

Because these roles are separated, and the Data Studio schemas are defined up front, the modeler + reporting analyst can work in parallel (rather than serially).

This allows you to deliver higher-quality work, faster - boosting both per-sprint margins as well as top-line potential (because you can deliver more sprints in a shorter period of time).

Building a Data Agency

How you can offer "data pipelines as a service" on Google BigQuery, following our end-to-end process

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