3.1.5 Managing your dbt project via Github

The CIFL team could not work without dbt + Github.

Our team generally just uses the Github desktop app, rather than the command-line interface. 

We use Git repos to house our dbt projects, and manage code review through a 3-step process:

1) Model changes are built on a separate, feature-specific branch, not the main branch

2) Once changes are built + tested, the dbt modeler submits a pull request to merge changes into the main branch.  This pull request includes testing that was done to verify data quality.

3) After a review from the sprint manager, changes are merged into the main (production) branch.

4) Any bugs or feature requests that arise, are logged via Issues, which can be linked to in future pull requests that address them.

Building a Data Agency

How you can offer "data pipelines as a service" on Google BigQuery, following our end-to-end process

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